Bat Her name was Bat She was born in Greece Jet black slender cat All quiet and peace. Dark as night On silent paws A beautiful sight With razor sharp claws. She lived her life Queen of the house With never any strife Never chased a mouse. She passed away After twenty years Thinking of her today Still brings a few tears.
The Horned Toad Just a tiny little ode About the great horned toad. Here with just a little wit Is the story of their shit. They eat the big red ants, Who never do wear pants. They only eat big reds, But don't digest the heads. Look for capsules slightly round Scattered sparsely on the ground, Break one open with your finger Find the heads but not one stinger. So when you do a horned toad census It is a generally accepted consensus. Count the droppings on the ground And their number you have found.
Ducks The morning sun breaks above the horizon in the east. Flocks of ducks drift across the horizon in the west. Vees of birds glide against the clouds in the sky. Ancient primordial instincts wander through the passages in my mind.
Sharing Eating the tender branches from a mesquite tree, a young doe hears her fawn's plea. Jumping up and down trying to get a bite. Gently she reaches up and pulls the branch down, Her baby nibbles on the fresh treat. What a site to see while driving down the road with no camera or witness in sight.
Little Kitty Come here little kitty Out playing all night Come sit on my lap After giving me such a fright. Come here little kitty Let me stroke your soft fur Come sit on my lap You have such a gentile purr. Come here little kitty You come home with the sun Come sit on my lap At night you are ready to run.
Walking the Dogs I have two black dogs Named Jodi and Blue. Together they weigh, As much as I do. Down the road and back, We go for a walk. We enjoy the fresh air, And have a nice talk. Just at sunset Is the best time to go. Sometimes we see a buck And sometimes a doe. Just a little walk And maybe a little fun. When a rabbit jumps up We get a little run.

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