Irish Wit and Humor
by Seumas MacManus

I walked to mass with Lanty Meehan, an esteemed country wit, one day. As we sauntered along, Mary MacNeely, a pretty caulin, tripped past us. "Isn't she handsomely stepped out?" Lanty admiringly remarked. Mary, who was unfortunately a bitter-tongued girl, and who had, or fancied, a grudge against Lanty, overheard him, and, turning her head, very ungraciously snapped out: "I am sorry I cannot say the same of you." "oh, yes, you could," Lanty promptly replied, "and tell a lie, same as I did."

He once asked Michael Lenihan, who was assiduously cultivating a remarkably sparse moustache, if he, Michael, would lend him his moustache, to go courting with. "He'd be afeerd, Lanty, that you would not bring it all back to him," one of the boys replied. "Faith, I will," said Lanty, "sure he can count on it."