Throughout history the Lanty name has been used as a character in literature. The dominant theme has been of an Irishman with a few flaws but overall good at heart. Finding the existence of the works and then finding the actual works has been quite an experience and has led to an appreciation of the writing styles of a diverse group of authors. Note: Care has been taken to present these works in their original style, to include spelling.

Lanty Short Stories

"Lanty's New House" Written around 1846 by William Carleton. The story of Lanty M'Cluskey and his encounter with a band of Irish fairies.*

"Lanty O'Hoolahan and the Little People" by Frederick D. Story. Lanty, a shoemaker, becomes entangled with a fairy band who attempt to ruin his business because of an insult. (St. Nicholas, October 1884)*

"Lanty Riordan's Red Light" by R. Manifold Craig. In this story of self sacrifice, Lanty becomes a hero while maintaining his basic Irish characteristics. (Temple Bar, May 1896)*

"Lanty Foster's Mistake" by Bret Harte. Set in the old west, Lanty is a young girl caught up in the suspense of catching a horse thief and her infatuation with adventure. (Overland Monthly, December 1901)*

"The Wild Boy" by Benedict Kiely. A short snippet of the life of the wild boy Lanty whose boyhood was written in mishaps and scars. (New Yorker, 30 January 1960)*

"Phil Fogarty A Tale of the Fighting Onety-Oneth" by Harry Rollicker. Lanty Clancy is an English soldier battling the French in this story written in 1847.*

"Stories of Waterloo and Other Tales" by William Hamilton Maxwell 1829. In this short tale of love and adventure Lanty White turns out to be the draft horse whose mistep causes an accident leading to the story teller finding true love.*

"My secret Affair" by Tom Deja. A light hearted takeoff on the Green Lantern with Lanty being the name the Midnight Archer called the Green Lantern.*

"The Enchanted Horse of Grag-A-Phooka by Ned Newcome. This story starts out, "Did you ever hear of the horse that leaped through the roof of Lanty Lafferty's forge?". (New York Times, 15 November 1903)*

"How Percy Bingham Caught His Trout" author unknown. Lanty Kerrigan is described as a "cicerone, guide, philosopher, and friend" in this story. (Catholic World April 1877)*

"A Boar Hunt" by John Manning. Lanty Spelman tells the tale of his fight with a wild boar. (Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine May 1870)*

"Bob Burke's Duel with Ensign Brady of the Forty-Eighth" by William Maginn. Lanty Philpot sells a horse to Brady. (Blackwood May 1834) (and again in a collection of Dr. Maginn's works edited by Dr. Shelton Mackenzie in 1855-1857)*

"A Good Witness" by Maj. Kelly. Lanty is a witness in a trial. Published c1854.*

"Ballymurry" author unknown. Lanty Regan is a youngster who rings the chapel bell for Father Pat's Mass. (Catholic World Nov 1878)

"Among the Hills of Morvand" by M. P. Thompson. The heroine is kidnapped from castle Lanty. (Catholic World March 1882)

"Referred to Arbitration" by Oswald Wildridge. Lanty Hoodless is a sea lawyer in this story about the Argonaut. (Windsor Magazine Vol xxxiii Dec 1910 to May 1911)*

"The Party Fight and Funeral" by William Carleton (1794-1869). Lanty Kelly is the son of Denis whose death in a fight is the cause of the funeral. This is a look at the Irish life in a bygone era.*

"The Evil Eye" by William Carleton (1794-1869). A story about Irish beliefs in the supernatural, full of love and evil. Lanty Bawn and Lanty Malony both see the "white woman" (an evil omen).*

"Valentine M'Clutchy, the Irish Agent" by William Carleton (1794-1869). A taste of the northern Orangemen's life with Lanty Gorman as the Squire's man.*

"The Tithe-Proctor" by William Carleton (1794-1869). A look at Ireland in the mid 1800's and the dreaded tithe. Lanty shows up briefly in the line "poor Lanty is dead."*

"The Emigrants of Ahadarra" by William Carleton (1794-1869). Another of Carleton's slices of Irish life with intrigue, spalshes of color, and even a mention of fleeing to America to avoid trouble. Lanty Hanratty make a brief appearance.*

"The Fools of Killogue" by Irwin Russell. Lanty Feeney is the prime minister to King Brian Rhua in this Irish tale. (Scribners Monthly Vol 18 Issue 6 Oct. 1879)*

"Squire Jack" author unknown. Lanty Grimswade "the best small-sword man in the kingdom" is killed in a fight in the churchyard at Little Bedloe. (The Living Age Vol 196 Issue 2549 25 March 1893)

"His Lordship's Coat" author unknown. Lanty Lanagan, an Irish peasant, cons the rich landowner out of his coat and the six hundred pounds in the pocket. (Turf-fire: Stories and Fairy Tales of Ireland by Barry O'Connor- 1890)*

"An Inquisitive Mortal" author unknown. Lanty M'Lorn encounters an Irish fairy who gives him the gift of knowledge, which he finds out is not a gift at all. (A Kish of Brogues by William Boyle - 1899)*

"Dick Wilkin's Adventure" found in "A Bunch of Shamrocks; Being A Collection of Irish Tales and Sketches" by E. Owens Blackburne. London 1879. Lanty Joyce is the doctor's "boy" in this lighthearted tale of Irish life.*

"The Love-Draught" author unknown. Lanty, who is a whipper-in, is in love with Biddy, the dairy-maid, in this tale of love and tragedy caused by the taking of the wrong potion. ("The Literary Souvenir" edited by Alaric A. Watts in 1830).*

"Hunting-Cap" by Katharine Tynan. Lanty Hurley is the forgetful body-servant to Sir Jocelyn in this short but moving tale from "The Handsome Quaker and Other Stories" published in 1902.*

"The Fiddler" by Mary C. Maguire. Lanty O'Brien is the "strolling dancing master" in this short tale of love lost. (Catholic World Vol. CI April 1915 to Sept 1915)*

"The Witness" by W. Collier. From "The Comic Offering or Ladies Melange of Literary Mirth for 1832" edited by Louisa H. Sheridan. Lanty is recruited to be a witness to a will which is signed after the death of the gentleman. *

"A Walk Through Paris" author unknown. Published in "Duffy's Hibernian Magazine" in November 1862. Lanty Cassidy and the narrator take a walk through Paris while discussing life and looking for an article to submit in a magazine.*

"Lanty Tinney and his Pension" by Cahir Healy. Published in "The Weekly Westminster" July 1925. Lanty is a tailor who has never been to the edge of town until offered a weekly income so long as he doesn't go there.*

"Tales and Legends of Crosby-Garrett" by J. Close. Published in "Tales and legends of Westmoreland" in 1862 is a rambling history of a small village and the people who lived there. Lanty, who is the rector's man is described as "as tall as two days put together" and is known as Priest Lanty. There is also a brief appearance by Eddy Lanty, who is described as one of the wisest men in the parish.*

"Nobody's Child" by Charles Dickens was published in "All the Year Round" in 1883 and The New York Times April 8, 1883. Lanty is the eight year old son of Kitty and Hughie who take in a foundling, Padeen. A look at the poor Irish in the 1800's.*

"Owen Kavanagh's Tree" author unknown was published in "The Minister's Fiddle: a Book of Verse" by John Gilkison in 1888. In this Ulster ballad, Lanty is an old soldier who spreads the word about the defeat of the bill in the English Parliament to give Ireland freedom.*

"The Brother's Revenge" a Legend of the Shannon, author unknown published in "The Metropolitan Magazine" in 1843. Lanty and his brother Hugh plot to kidnap Jacqueline to prevent her marriage to Frank.*

"Carlington Castle: A Tale of the Jesuits" author unknown was published in "The Palladium: A Monthly Journal of Literature, Politics, Science, and Art" in 1850. Lanty is a groom to Dora's father who rescues Dora's dog Fidele and keeps him while she is away at a convent.*

"Jottings by the Way" by Prester John came from "The Dublin University Magazine" in 1876. Lanty is the sexton in a church and gets in trouble for selling apples in front of the church on Sunday.*

"No. 1 Animal Idiosyncrasy" by Craven was in "The Sporting Sketch Book" from 1842. In this short tale, Lanty-the-Post is a groom who rides Paudeen, a gigantic mule, chased by Fin-ma-coul, a monstrous mastiff. The three are totally out of control until the land owner marries a young lady whose "presence acted as a talisman on the savage spirits of the household."*

"The Halls of the North" author unknown. A look at 18th century northern England with the usual love story, adventure, and good and bad guys. Lanty is the stable man to the hero of this delightful, if you can get by the old English, story.(The Literary Garland Feb. 1844)*

"Irish Wit and Humor" by Seumas MacManus. Part of a series of humerous quips from "Leslie's Monthly Magazine" April 1905.

"A Daughter of Witches" by Joanna E. Wood. From "The Canadian Magazine" 1899. This is a romance in twelve chapters which takes place in New England. Lanty is a handsome man who marries Mabella but her cousin Vashti is jealous and plots to destroy them.*

"The Bridegroom of Barna" author unknown. Published in "Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine" Nov. 1840. Lanty Mara, plays a small part. Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights" was supposedly inspired by this story which has the same basic story line.*

"Tales from the Featherbed" by Bill Smith, 1994. In this collection of short stories from the Adirondacks, Lanty Martin is featured in "Them Fellers from Rod Chester" and "How do you get to Potsdam."*

"Peter Praisin" by George Fitzmaurice. Lanty Muldoon dispenses advise in this typical Irish tale of love.(The Irish Weekly Independent" 1 June, 1901) *

"The Drowned Fisherman" by Mrs. S. C. Hall. Appeared in "The Lucky Penny and other tales" in 1858. Lanty's short appearance consists of a bet on whether a boat had more holes in it than Lanty Moore's sieve.*

"The Orangman's Tale" author unknown. Appeared in "Dolman's Magazine" in 1846 and in "Legends and Poems" by John Keegan in 1907. Lanty Wolfe is an Irish rebel who is on the run from the British and other rebels who think he was a traitor.*

"Still-Hunting" author unknown. From "Paddiana; or, Scraps and Sketches of Irish Life, Past and Present." Vol I. 1847. Lanty is the father of Kitty who is the apple of Mike's eye, in this typical Irish tale.*

"Debt and Danger" by Mrs. S. C. Hall. Published in "Stories of the Irish Peasantry" in 1850. Lanty Lurgan is the servant to a young squire who is deep in debt and hiding from creditors. Another look at Ireland of old and the devotion of the people to their master.*

"The Discipline of Valerie Gore" author unknown. Lanty Fitzpatrick is a ferryman and fisherman who unwittingly puts Miss Gore in danger. Another look back in time at Ireland with heavy religious overtones. (Dublin University Magazine Vol. LXVI July to December 1865)*

"The Heads on the Mountain" by Shaw Desmond. Lanty and four of his 'friends' are led off to a mountain and buried with just their heads sticking up for being traitors to the Irish cause during the Irish rebellion.(Scribner's Magazine Vol. LXVI July-Dec 1919)*

"Poor Little Lanty Miggs and the Four Wizards' Strange Apples" by Walt McDougal. Lanty is a poor lad who stumbles upon a little magic and learns a valuable lesson.(The Salt Lake Herald 23 Oct. 1904)*

'No Title' author unknown. At the end of an article titled "Gossip about the Boxers" is the story of how Lanty Lannigan tamed a dog. (The Sun (New York, N. Y.) 22 May, 1887)*

"Diamond Cut Diamond" by Henry Llewellyn Williams (1842-). Lanty is the trusted servant to a member of the Irish Brigade in a tale of a diamond ring and love.*

"Love and an Umbrella" author unknown. Lanty makes a brief appearance as a boy "that hasnít got two pennies to call his own nor the first hair on his chin" in this quiet Irish love story.(New York Tribune 1 Nov 1903)*

"Lanty with the Left Hand" by Townsend Walsh. Lanty is a pickpocket who gets Reverend Wilkins pocket watch.(The Harvard Advocate Vol.LIV Sept. 29th 1892)*

"Forest Sketches No. 1 A Startling Adventure" by Colonel B. Dunlap. Lanty is an 11 year old boy who with his sister Mary get stuck out on a tree limb with an angry mother bear after them. (The Scrap Book and Magazine of American Literature, London, October 25, 1862)*

"Tim Hargaton's Courtship" author unknown. A love story about two available maidens and a young man who takes the course girl with the cow over the local beauty, who ends up marrying Lanty. (Chamber's Journal 1877)*

"A Day with the Dromores" by Stephen Leydhen. Lanty M'Guire is involved with a hare hunt and gets in trouble but, in the end he finds happiness. (Baily's Magazine of Sports & Pastimes Vol.58 1892)*

"The Red Boatman" by Edward Boltwood. Lanty Plunkett's oars are used by a red bearded stranger in a storm. (Munsey's Magazine Vol. 42, 1910)*

"Lanty Cork" or "Recollections of an 'Old Hand'" Lanty Cork an Irishman in Australia tells the story of his life. (The Queenslander, Brisbane, Australia December 1886)*

"Lanty and the Larragh-a-Dhawn" Lanty goes off to find his fortune and is aided by a mysterious little man in finding the love of his life and his fortune. (The Queenslander April 1893)*

"Lanty's Stockings" by J. H. Yoxall. Lanty and his mother are overjoyed as the schoolmaster brings Christmas presents. (Western Mail, Perth, Australia Friday 15 November 1895)*

"Mr. Montague Dempsey's Experiences of the Landed Interest" Author unknown. The Irish Quarterly Review, Vol. I, 1851. Lanty Farrell, a horse, "although a well-disposed animal when allowed to have his own way, he resented any attempt to alter his intentions in a very forcible manner."*

"Mems in the Mediterranean" by Lancelot Lamprey. Lanty, Igins, the doctor and Ned travel by boat from Naples to Polermo. Their adventures, the scenery, and meals are detailed in this glimpse of the world of the 1930's. (Metropolitan Magazine, Vol. V. 1838)*

"Danny Nowlanís Experiment in Goats" By Gerald Brenan. Lanty Houragan,a swearin',fightin', swaggerin' blackguard even in his grave causes trouble by turning a peaceful goat bad when the goat eats the grass on the grave.*

"The White Horse of the Peppers Legend of the Boyne" author unknown. Lanty Lalor makes a brief appearance as a hard working hand.*

"My Fatherís Wooing" BY Ralph Wilton. Lanty, a post boy, is sent to search for Miss Peggy.*

"Sporting News" by Fife and Drum. Lanty Brannigan is involved in horse trading. (The Australasian Pastoralists' Review Jan. 15, 1901)*

"The Lord's Prayer" published in 'The Troy Daily Budget' April 16, 1852. Lanty learns the Lord's Prayer by naming the goats in the proper order.

Lanty Books

"Lanty Hanlon" by Patrick MacGill. A hilarious look at the Irish lifestyle which so influences the basic Lanty characteristics throughout history.*

"Memoires De Madame De Chastenay, 1771-1815" by A. Laugel. Taken from the dairies of Louise Marie Victorine Lanty, Comtesse De Chastenay. Stories of the French Revolution and her contacts with Napoleon Bonaparte both before and after he became emperor.

"The Manuscript Man" by Miss E. H. Walshe. Stories of the spread of the Bible in Ireland. Lanty as a character is the driver for Mr. O'Donnell.*

"A Modern Telemachus" by Charlotte M. Yonge. A tale of adventure from the 1700's in which Lanty plays an important role, as his character is in the story throughout the book.*

"King of the Tinkers" by Patricia Lynch. A story of fantasy and adventure which begins on a misty Irish morning when Mihael meets Red Lanty.*

"Latter Howe" by Doreen Wallace. Lanty Lewthwaite is the owner of the farm called Latter Howe, which lies far up among the mountains beyond Keswick.*

"Sarrasine" by Honore de Balzac, 1799 to 1850. The story starts at a party at the Paris mansion of the Comte and Comtesse Lanty.*

"The Rifle Rangers" by Captain Mayne Reid (1818-1883). In this adventure novel about the Mexican War, Lanty is an Irishman who deserts the army and conspires with the Mexicans. *

"The Hunter's Feast" by Captain Mayne Reid. Lanty is the cook on this adventure into the wilderness of the Western United States in the late 1800's. "Excerpt of pg 22 - 23.*

"Glances at Great and Little Men" by Paladin. Published in London in 1890 this is a look at life in a bygone era, not a novel but more a diary. Excerpt of pages 86-88.

"Shoulder the Sky" by Anne Perry (Oct 2004). A novel of trench warfare in 1915 with Lanty Nunn being a soldier discussing the death of a journalist with a chaplain. "Excerpt of pg 104-105.

"Tales and Novels, Vol 6" by Maria Edgeworth (1767-1849) Lanty is a serving boy in this Excerpt.

"Alwyn Morton: His School and Schoolfellows. A Tale of St. Nicholas Grammar School" 1867. A tale of an English boys school with Joe Lanty being the seller of rum and cigars to the older boys and teachers. A look back at a much different time. Inscription inside the front cover reads, " Fifehead Magdalen School January 17th 1876 prize awarded to Frederic Gray for Good Attendance.*

"The Way of a Maid" by Katherine Tynan Hinkson. Published in 1895. In Coolvara, a typical Irish country town, Nora finds her true love in a tale woven around the customs of the times. Lanty is the "red-haired, freckled urchin who went messages and did odd jobs" for Nora's family.*

"A Wonderful Woman" by May Agnes Fleming. Published in 1876. Lanty Lafferty is Mr. Redmond's man in this well written tale of love and fortune lost, revenge, and love and fortune found. *

"Hirondelle" by Henry C. Rowland. Published in 1922. Lanty O'Callahan is the devoted servant of the Earl O'Conor and his daughter Lady Sheila in this swashbuckling tale of slave trading and piracy in the early 1800's.*

"A Needle and Thread" by Emma J. Barnes. Writen in 1873 this is a novel with religious overtones throughout about an English family and the loss of their little girl and her return several years later. Lanty, a young beggar with a monkey, befriends the little girl, helps her escape from her captors, and is rewarded by a grateful father when Lanty helps the family reunite with their little girl.*

"Captain O'Shaughnessy's Sporting Career" By James Roderick O'Flanagan, O'Shaughnessy Published 1873. Mr. Lanty is a cornet in the 30th lancers in chapter 1 of Captain O'Shaughnessy's life story.

"Tom Burke of Ours" by Charles Lever published in 1844 (our copy in 1901). Lanty has two small parts, an old huntsman devoted to Tom's father and a rebel against the English, in this novel of the life of Tom Burke, an Irishman who flees to France to save his life and ends up in the French army.*

"Washdirt a Novel of Old Bendigo" by James Devaney published in 1946. A story of the Australian goldrush days known as the 'Roaring Fifties' with Lanty and his brother Denny being in the middle of the action.*

"Adrift in the Ice Fields" by Capt. Charles W. Hall. Written in 1877 this novel is part of the American Boy's Series. A group of hunters in the Gulf of St. Lawrence as the ice is breaking up and the geese are heading north tell stories at night to while away the time. A ghost story involves Lanty who marries Katty the evening after her husband's funeral. Of course he wasn't dead and returns home later that evening, which is when the fun starts.*

"The Winds of March" by Halliwell Sutcliffe from 1926. The title of book I chapter V, is 'Lanty Water,' a moorland tarn that is the subject of dreadful legends. This is a novel of intrigue and suspense set somewhere in the moorlands of the north of England.

"Mary Lee or the Yankee in Ireland" by Paul Peppergrass, published in Baltimore in 1860. Lanty Hanlon, not the same as in the book by that name, is a true Irishman who is fond of poaching and is always in trouble but works to protect Mary Lee's secret.*

"Christy Carew" by Mary Hartley. Published in 1880. Although Lanty is seen throughout the book, we have been unable to find a copy to read yet.

"That Sweet Enemy" by Katherine Tynan. Published in 1901. Lanty Corcoron, the son of the blacksmith at Gurtnahone Cross Roads, has his eye on a girl already promised to another.

"Irishmen and Irishwomen" by George Brittaine. Published in 1831. Lanty is a school boy who is always in trouble with his teacher, but in the end is a hero.*

"The Lonely Plough" by Constance Holme. Written in 1914 it features a dramatic account of the real-life River Kent flood of 1907. Lanty Lancaster is "a business-man born and made" who is a landowner's agent in this tale.*

"The O'Donoghue" by Charles Lever. First published in 1849. A novel of Ireland in a time of great strife and hardship. Lanty Lawler, a horse trader who is active throughout the novel, is described as "a well-known character in the south of Ireland." *

"A Princess of Paris" by Archibald Clavering Gunter. Published in 1894 this novel takes place in France in 1713-1714 and is full of history and tales of the French Court. Lanty is the devoted companion to an Irish soldier. Early in the story Mr. Lanty falls in love with a maid named Rosalie. If you like history, adventure, intrigue, and romance; this is a great read.*

"The King's Stockbroker" by Archibald Clavering Gunter, the sequel to "A Princess of Paris." The intrigue and history of France in the early 1700's continues. Lanty is now a Chevalier, married, and owns 'The Turk's Head Inn'. However, in the end he still is loyal to his old friends and participates in the final revenge.*

"The Book of Gilly: Four Months Out of a Life" by Emily Lawless. Published in 1906, with a Lanty Kelly described as a notorious old vagabond.

"Fifty Years Ago: an Australian Tale" by Charles De Boos. Published in Sydney in 1867 and in 1906 as "Settler and Savage: One Hundred Years Ago in Australia". A hard look at the conflicts between the Australian blacks and the white settlers slowly pushing them aside.*

"Hugh Bryan: The Autobiography of an Irish Rebel" by Hugh Bryan. Published in 1866 this is a classic Irish novel. Lanty is a young lad trying to win the hand of Rose from her father Tom.*

"As It May Happen" A Story of American Life and Character by Trebor aka Robert S. Davis. Published in 1879 in Philadelphia. Lanty "is the boy that tends bar over at the Golden Bowl" in this tale of American life. This is an excellent read.*

"When You Have Found Me" by Elizabeth Hoy, 1951. A classic love story which swirls around a lost will and a lost heir. Lanty is a scheming Irishman whose attempt at bribery with the stolen will, ends in his banishment.*

"One of the Six Hundred" by James Grant, 1875. Lanty O'Regan is an Irish groom in this tale of the Crimean War.

"Bogmail" by Patrick McGinley, 1978. Lanty Duggan is hauled off to the asylum in this novel of life in a small Irish village. Murder, suspense, and love blend in well with descriptions of the country life.*

"The Burtons of Dunroe" by Margaret W. Brew, 1880. A classic Irish novel, which is described as a culturally important work. Lanty Malone is a story teller but, "the story of his having been in France and falling in love with the beautiful princess, and all the rest of it, is neither more nor less than a myth."*

"The Fog-Men" by J. M. Walsh. From the 1930's. Lanty is at odds with Scotland Yard where he is suspected of bad behavior.

"Dusty's Fort" by Steven Field, 2010. An adventure in time travel from present day back to WWII. References to 'Lanty de Villepin' who was part of a 1944 operation by the American military to thwart a German project involving time travel.

Lanty Plays

"Lanty's Luck" by F.N. Lawrence. First performed in 1897. A drama of Irish life set in Dunloe. This is a three act play with comedy, a villian, and a love story combined.*

"Kate Kearney" or "The Fairy of the Lakes" by William Collier. First performed at the Queen's Theatre, London 3 Oct 1836. A two act play filled with fairies, love, Irish drama, and lively Irish songs.*

"The Doyle Brothers" author unknown. This comedy opened at the Theatre Comique in New York in Aug 1874 with Harrigan and Hart as the leads.

"The Tipperary Legacy" by J. S. Coyne. Written in 1847 and submitted to the Lord Chamberlain in that year. A light comedy in which Lanty plays an Irish vampyre in a plot to help a young couple find happiness.*

"Arrah-na-Pogue" (or, The Wicklow Wedding) by Dion L. Bouckault. A Drama in 3 acts performed at the Adelphi Theatre from 25 July-23 Oct 1885.*

"The Will and the Way" by M. J. Molloy. First produced by the Abby Theatre, Dublin, Ireland on Monday Sept 5th 1955. A comedy in three acts with Lanty being a self willed old bachelor.*

"The Currency Lass" by Edward Geoghegan. First performed in Sydney, Australia on May 27th 1844. The character Lanty O'Liffey is described as "a genuine Emeralder of very jovial temperament and much devoted to his bottle and his lass."*

"Odds With the Enemy" author unknown published in 1879. Lanty is a grocer's clerk in this play which takes place during the Civil War.*

"The White Boys" by H. P. Grattan, first performed, under the title of the "Rebel Chief," at the Lyceum Theatre, in 1836. Lanty O'Flaharty, one of the rebels, risks his life to save a Loyalist soldier who is in love with Norah. A look at the Irish/British conflict in 1798.*

"The Dark Glen of Ballyfoill" a play by Edward Stirling published in 1871. Portrays life in Kilkenny, Ireland in 1760. Lanty is a servant in love with Biddy in this drama with a murder and kidnapping in the first act. There is drama throughout in this historical work.*

(The following plays were referenced in newspaper articles but, we have been unable to find any other information on them.)

"Lanty O'Leary" (author unknown for now). Performed 27 & 28 Aug and 5 Sep 1862 at the Theatre Royal, Cambridge, England.

"True Irish Hearts" by Dan McCarthy. Performed in at the Criterion, Brooklyn, New York in December 1901 and at the Opera House, Saint John, NB, Canada October 1893. The part of Lanty Lanigan, an honest Irish lad, was performed by W.J. Scanlan.

"Tullamore" by Thomas Henderson. Performed at the Park Theatre, Brooklyn, New York in May 1876. Lanty Logan is the humble hero who is described as "the bouldest boy of them all".

"The Orphans" by Bartley Campbell. Performed in the New Park Theatre, Brooklyn, New York 14-15 December 1874 with the character of Lanty Lanigan played by R.M. Carroll. (Performed again 1-6 March 1875 under the name "Kidnapped" with R. M. Carroll once again playing Lanty Lanigan.)

"The Outlaw". Performed at the Opera House, Augusta, Maine. The lead character is one Lanty McLaughlin, performed by Sam Ryan.

"The Colleen Bawn" or "The Brides of Garryowen" by Dion Boucicault. Performed at St. Patrick's Hall, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada on March 14th 1892. In this performance the character of Lanty Lannigan was performed by Mr. J.L. Duchemin. (After reading this play in "Selected Plays - Dion B..." there is no Lanty character. However, the playbill for the play in St. John's had a Lanty listed as a character.)

"Barred Out" performed by Thomas E. Shea & Co. at the Opera House in Saint John NB, Canada with the caracter of Lanty performed by Will Cairnes.

"Aileen Aroon" by Dion Boucicault. Performed at the Dramatic Lyceum in Saint John, NB, Canada.

"The Wanderer's Return" author unknown. Performed in Cambridge in August 1862 with Dominick Murray as Lanty O'Leary and Josephine Fiddes as Ellen O'Hara.

"The Donagh" by George Fawcett Rowe. Performed at the Valencia in San Francisco in June 1909. Lanty Killaly is a farmer in this Irish drama full of villany, gallantry, murder, and great deeds.

"Trust to Luck" by C. A. Clark. Produced on Monday, April the 27th 1891, at New Theatre, Newport, Monmouthshire. Lanty Delaney brings soldiers to capture Fergus McCarthy but, is blown from the rocks when a stray bullet strikes a barrel of gunpowder. Lanty returns later in the play minus an arm, leg, and eye.

"Mountain Outlaw" or "The Wreck of a Life" performed at the Canterbury in Washington D. C. in May 1864. Lanty is in love with Judy in this story of an outlaw's revenge.

Lanty Songs

"Whist! Me Lanty" (An Irish Sleep Song) Words by D.K. Stevens Music by George Lowell Tracy Published in "Ladies Home Journal" March 1909.*

"Lanty Fegan's Breeches" A 19th Century Scotish ballad.*

"Peace" A 19th Century ballad in the Cumberland dialect.*

"Cursenmess Eve" A 19th Century ballad in the Cumberland dialect.*

"Haste to the wedding" An old Irish song taken from "Songs of Erinn" by Patrick Joseph McCall 1899.*

Lanty Poems

"Lanty Leary" by Samuel Lover (1797-1868). Light hearted love poem.*

"The Tidy Little Body" by John O'Brien (1878-1952). Poetry from the land down under.*

"The Old Reading Class" by Will Carleton (1845-1912). From "Rhymes of Our Planet" 1895. Lanty Wood is one of the students in the class.*

"A Monday Romance" by Mary Mapes Dodge. From Poems and Verses by Mary Mapes Dodge, 1904.*

Lanty on the Stage

L. Lanty played the sentinel in the 1891 production of "Montecristo".

Stella Lanty played the 2nd opium smoker in the 1920 production of "The Man Who Came Back".

Lanty Movie Characters

In the 1917 movie "Wee Lady Betty" there is a Lanty O'Dea as one of the supporting characters. This is a black and white silent film, and to date we have not see it.

An Australian TV movie in 1990, "Shadows of the Heart" has a Lanty Fargo as a character. In this movie the character is a female while in the previous movie the character was a male.

* denotes those works we have a copy of.