Life has been good to me, a wonderful wife and the ability to travel around the world. The best way to sum it up is with a few pictures and a little poetry written to celebrate my first 50 years on this wonderful world.

A young Airman begins his Air Force career.

Horseback riding around the pyramids in Egypt.

Master Sergeant Lanty after 20 years of fun and travel.

High on Life

High on life for fifty years
Flavored with an occasional drink
Fifty years of laughs and tears
Time to ponder and to think.

Twenty years a normal boy
Thirty years a married man
Looking for the perfect toy
Will I find it, maybe I can.

Exploring ruins of ancient Greece
Sailing the Mediterranean Sea
Looking for that inner peace
Always found it inside me.

Carmel's Hog's Breath Inn
Sam's Anchor Inn, Okinawa Japan
Eating great food to satisfy within
Enjoying being my own man.

Around the Pyramids on horseback
Standing on the Eiffel Tower
On a straight and narrow track
Living under my own power.

Hearing the chimes of Big Ben
Viewing Malta's ancient treasures
Time to be on the move again
Full of joy at life's great pleasures.

Touring Thailand with my wife
Seeing the world with my friends
Enjoying being high on life
The joys of life know no ends.

Future travels and unplanned trips
Filled with joyous laughs and tears
Spiced with occasional tasty nips
Onward to the next fifty years.