Having always enjoyed reading, several years ago while teaching an English class I decided to try my hand at writing some Haiku, Japanese style poetry. Just a short little poem or two which slowly grew into a modest collection of works. Living in the country has been great in helping me relax and see the world from a different point of view. I write about the Animals, Sounds, Sights, Weather, and Other things of interest.

My collection of short stories has slowly grown, as my muse challanges me, with the following:
Hero A tale of science fiction.
Unicorn Ranch A fantasy story.
First Flight A semitrue tale.
Adventure Thornton at his best.

One of my best inspirations was Rosalie's goat Thornton which has turned into a Christmas story.
As time goes by I will add new works, if my muse doesn't desert me.

*All works contained under this section were written by Michael Lanty, who retains all copyrights. Reproduction is permitted so long as author is properly credited.