East of mainland Greece lies the small island of Mykonos. A jewel in the middle of the Aegean Sea, this tiny island is a magnet for tourist from around the world. There are two reasons to go to Mykonos, the shopping and night life of the town or the fantastic beaches. Or in our case a little of both. For the better part of seven summers while the Air Force "forced" us to live in Athens we travelled to Mykonos as often as possible.

by Michael Lanty

To welcome all
Her arms stretch out
Toward the harbor,
Quietly caressing the world.
All white wash
And gently curving lines,
Inspiring all who
Pass her majestic beauty.
A broken cross
Reflects her human imperfection,
The souls inspired
Prove her heavenly perfection.
The Aegean Sea
Home to tiny Mykonos
Houses graceful Paraportiani
Haven for weary travelers.