The Eye The peacock feather has one eye, and I have always wondered why. Does it help to better see, or simply help the mating plea? Can it keep predators at bay, or attract females with its display? And the colors are they real, or just painted with artists' zeal?
Feather Out in a pasture In the middle of nowhere Lying on the ground A lone feather. Long and thin Dark black with blue tints Tipped with white Worn by the weather. Somewhere a lone bird Unaware of its loss Eating its dinner In a field of heather.
December Morn Crisp cold December morn Pink sky turning blue. On dark silent wings Horned owl homeward flew. No hunters in sight Two young bucks spar Showing no fright Shy doe watches from afar. Tree top turkeys begin to wake Dark spots against the sky. Waiting for day to break To take wing and fly.
Red Velvet Tiny as a pin head Hiding underground, Bright velvet red None can be found. Rain pounds the ground Like stars in the night Everywhere to be found The red velvet mite.
Trails Trails of all sizes Crisscross the ground. Signs of wild life everywhere to be found. Trails from an ant hill wonder through the grass. Sit back and watch scores of workers pass. Rabbit trails scattered about Marking travels from their den, To food and water And back home again. Deer trails lead to a fence, Imagine the perfect grace As they fly gently over Almost suspended in space.
Cow Shadows Out in a pasture on a cool cloudy afternoon Stood a small herd of white cattle. A short way off stood an equal number Of smaller black cattle. As the sun began to peek through The black cattle rapidly returned To the white cattle, and the herd became one As the shadows rejoined their owners.
Box of Books A box of books For rent, sale, trade. Murder mystery and romance For passing the day. Tall blonde, sun tanned Making her daily bread. Very mysterious and romantic Living life her way. Beach sun all day Disco fun all night. Summer spent on Mykonos Winter works in London. Every young manís dream Beautiful, smart and tanned. Envied by the women Wishing they were her.

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