We have enjoyed live music and theatre our entire lives. The lure of live is always better than prerecorded. Seeing Hair in Las Vegas in 1970 was our first exposure to live theatre. Here are postcards of what we have seen and enjoyed since.

Nutcracker, San Francisco, California December 1980.
Great dancing in a wonderful old building.

Follies Bergere, Paris, France 10 Jan 1984.
A lavish production of sight and sound in a grand building.

Barry Manilow's Copacabana, 24 May 1995.
Prince of Wales Theatre, London. England
A lively musical based on the Manilow song of the same name.

Mamma Mia, 28 Oct 2003.
A musical based on the songs of ABBA set on a Greek island.

Fame, 6 April 2004.
The classic Broadway musical set in 1980's New York City.

Cats, 18 January 2005.
A lively musical based on the T.S. Elliot work "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats" .

Grease, 15 February 2005.
Life and love at Rydell High with Danny Zuko and Sandy Dumbrowski.
With a special appearance by Frankie Avalon as Teen Angel.

Hello, Dolly!, 23 August 2005.
Life in New York City in the 1890's full of music and laughter.
With Michelle Lee as Dolly and Susan Powell as Irene Molloy.

A Chorus Line, 9 May 2006.
An audition in a Broadway theatre in 1975. Great dancing and music.

The King and I, 6 June 2006.
The Rodgers and Hammerstein classic portraying the life in the palace of the King of Siam in the early 1860's was performed by a great cast. Lou Diamond Phillips as the King and Rachel Jones as Anna were a perfect pair.

South Pacific, 15 August 2006.
Another Rodgers and Hammerstein classic set on an island in the Pacific during WWII.

Legends, 3 April 2007.
A very funny comedy about two diva rivals, with the two "Dynasty" rivals being perfect for the roles.

Chicago, 26 February 2008.
"With the right song and dance you can get away with murder," is the premise of this outstanding play. Lots of great songs and excellent dancing made this a night to remember.

Little Shop of Horrors, 7 July 2009.
A funny comedy with some excellent performers. The special effects to bring the plant to life were great. Intermission had zombies wandering around the theater, and just before the second act curtain they performed "Thriller" in rememberance of Michael Jackson.

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, 26 October 2010.
Cassa Manana, Ft. Worth, Texas.
A wonderful musical and comedy with Ruta Lee and Ed Dixon. The costuming was interesting, what little there was at times.

9 to 5, 26 July 2011.
A lively musical with great dancing and excellent comedy.

White Christmas, 30 November 2011.
A wondeful classic Broadway musical based on the Irving Berlin movie.

Mary Poppins, 3 April 2012.
A nostalgic remake of a classic movie.

Unless otherwise noted all plays were seen at the Bass Theatre, Ft. Worth, Texas