Sight and Sound A small pasture lies east of the ranch house covered with wild flowers and an occasional mouse. Tall long stemmed yellows reds of various hues clumps of bright whites small ground hugging blues. Cacti with fragile flowers red, yellow, and peach protected by sharp thorns to prick and teach. The smells all around wild onions, flowers, trees noises in the air rustling grasses, birds, bees. Amongst all this beauty and quite natural sounds nature does its duty peace and tranquility abounds.
Spring Colors Signs that West Texas Spring has arrived. Scenes of trees alive with new foliage. Surrounded by carpets of bright yellow flowers. Stirred by swirls of blues and reds. Scanned by black vultures slowly circling above. Soaring in a clear bright blue sky. Scattered with fluffy white cotton ball clouds.
Old Oak Out all alone One old oak Goat comes along Branch gets broke. Ancient old oak Still stands tall Green in summer Greener in fall. Sit in shade Search the ground Acorns, future trees Scattered all around. Haven for birds Cardinal so red Jay bright blue Vulture hunting dead. Never really alone Life all around Birds on branches Critters on ground.
Our Backyard Small yellow and white honeysuckle fragrant bouquets and sweet nectar. Yellow and orange prickly pear cactus bright green paddles and sharp needles. Pale green flowers of the yucca clustered on six foot tall spires. Tiny purple wild onions sweet yet pungent odor. Mix all these in with the mesquite and cedar and the senses are brought to life in our little backyard full of flowers and smells.
Meteor Clear clean sky on a cold winter night Millions of stars far away from the city's light. Suddenly from Orion a meteor flashes Hurtling toward Earth with a bright yellow flame. Gone, in a instant, as suddenly as it came.
Night Walk Cool clear moonless night Far from the city's light. Stars shining oh so bright. Walking the dogs with care But they seem so unaware, As to why I stop and stare. Flying high above the ground A manmade star flying round, Tonight several to be found. High above this tranquil scene Flashing lights, red and green, An airplane not heard, just seen. The silence broken by a sound The dogs heads rapidly turn round, Rabbit running across the ground. As it disappears from sight Quiet returns to the night, Stars still shining oh so bright.

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