Distant Sounds Sitting in a field Listening to the silence Broken suddenly By a distant trumpet. Spied overhead A flock of geese Slowly circling With random trumpets. All at once A hundred trumpets In vee formation They fly away north. Sitting in a field Listening to the silence Echoes of trumpets Still linger in my head.
Sunday Early morning Sunday People still asleep. Eastern sky pink Western dark gray. Neighbor’s dog barks Morning bird sings. Rooster’s sunrise crow Life begins anew. Early evening Sunday People getting sleepy. Western sky red Eastern dark gray. Neighbor’s dog barks Evening bird sings. Rooster’s sleepy crow Life settles down.
Heartbeat Walking in the pasture With goats and emus Enjoying the quiet sounds. Chirping of the birds Munching of the goats Whistling of the emus. Bright blue sky overhead Little wisps of clouds Hot air, no breeze. Sudden rumble from afar Turns into mighty roar As jet soars overhead. Heart skips a beat Urge to fly surfaces Causing pulse to quicken. Jet fades in distance Along with the rumble Heartbeat begins to slow. Quiet noises of nature The pasture's low heartbeat Slowly returns to normal.
Peace and Quiet at Last The work day is done, another long drive home. Drive down a busy highway, right turn at the truck stop. Another well traveled highway, beyond the fields of cotton left turn after the race track. One more stretch of lonely highway, Red Creek and Crows Nest Creek. Exit off the highway on a narrow lane of tranquility. Through the gate, unseen from the highway down a narrow path with agility. Park under the mesquite tree, a little rest for the old red truck. Peace and quiet at last no people, no cars, no noise. Enjoy the chirping of the birds, the crow of a rooster, the quack of a duck. The Ranch in a few words Peace and quiet.

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