Gossip About the Boxers


"There is nothing that lives that is as game or as clever as a man in a fight," said Jimmy Patterson to me the other night. "Everything else depends on the weapons that nature or men gives it for attack or defense, but man not only uses the weapons nature gives hin, but invents others to even up with anything that walks, crawls, swims, or flies. That's the reason he is called the 'lord of creation.' Most people are afraid to tackle a fighting dog, but I never will forget a fight I saw in the'Ould Dart' between a dog my father owned and Lanty Lannigan, a tinker. The dog was as mean as poison and as knowing as a fox. One morning Lanty came to our door, and putting a hand on each jamb said: 'God save all here!'

"'God save ye kindly,' said my father. Just then the dog made a leap for Lanty's throat, but the tinker was too quick for him. he ducked like a flash, and over his head went the dog. Lanty had a kippeen in his right hand, and, knowing that Lion would come again, he took its ends in both hands and held it in front of him, breast high. My father started to call the dog off, but 'Lave him alone,' said Lanty, and let me tache him manners.

"'Well, have yer way, said my father. All this was done and said quicker than a wink. The dog gathered himself and made another spring at Lanty, who threw him off with the stick, and, before the animal could get his legs under him, Lanty gave him a belt in the side that loosened three of his ribs. A second welt knocked the four legs from under him, while a third rap over the nose made him yelp like a hound. To see the tinker in action ye'd think he had ten arms and twenty sticks. In less than ten seconds the dog made a break for cover and took refuge under the bed. Ever after that he was as civil and well-behaved a beast as there was in the town, and whenever he'd see a tinker coming he'd break for shelter. I tell you there never was a dog lived but Lanty Lannigan couldn't trounce. The tinkers beat all men for taking the conceit out of bad dogs."