Places I travelled to in the Air Force.
San Antonio, Tx.		Homestead, Fla.
Spokane, Wash.			Clark AFB, Phillipines
Agusta, Ga.			Oakland, Calif
Ramstein, Germany		Frankfurt, Germany
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia		Weisbaden, Germany
Mildenhall, England		Cairo, Egypt

U.S. places we have visited as tourists. Carlsbad, NM Ruidoso, NM San Francisco, CA New Orleans, LA Mobile, AL New York, NY Santa Cruz, CA Lake Tahoe, CA/NV Los Angeles, CA San Diego, Ca Orlando, FL Houston/Dallas, TX Branson, MO Pacific Taipei, Taiwan Ikeijima, Japan That Phanom, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Europe Delfi, Greece Mykonos Greece Crete, Greece Sunion, Greece Cairo, Egypt Paris, France England Italy Valletta, Malta Edinburgh, Scotland Frankfort, Germany Rosalie's places Vientiane, Laos Moscow & Leningrad, Russia Kowloon, Hong Kong Istanbul, Turkey Madrid, Spain Jerusalem, Israel Venice, Italy Homes we have lived in and distance from us now Place Distance (miles) and Direction from San Angelo, Tx Boston, Mass. 1740 NE Las Vegas, Nev. 880 WNW El Paso, Tx. 370 W Okinawa, Japan 9240 W Nakhon Phanom, Thailand 10890 WSW Biloxi/Gulfport, Miss. 720 ESE Sunnyvale, Calif. 1280 WNW Monterey, Calif. 1250 WNW Athens, Greece 6000 ENE

Places we spent the night in our travels Springfield, Mass. Syracuse, NY Medina, Oh Montrosa, Ill Vinita, Ok Wildrado, Tx Holbrook, Ariz Heber, Ut Laramie, Wy Henderson, Neb West Liberty, Iowa Fremont, Ind Niagara Falls, Ny Waynsboro, Va Lebanon, Tenn Arkadelphia, Ark Abilene, Tx Wilcox, Ariz Wickenburg, Ariz Shreveport, La Gainsville, Fla Miami, Fla Orlando, Fla Denver, Co Chicago, Ill Atlanta, Ga Petersburg, Va Lenoir, Tenn Albany, Ny Dayton, Oh Little Rock, Ark Jackson, Miss El Paso, Tx Pecos, Tx Van Horn, Tx New York, Ny Lavonia, Ga Fredericksburg, Va Southhill, Va Denton, Tx Tuscon, Ariz San Diego, Ca Winslow, Ariz Santa Rosa, Nm Jennings, La Tucumcari, Nm Sparks, Nev Rock Springs, Tx Lake Charles, La and other places too numerous to mention Our travels around the world have been fun to say the least. If you have wanted to travel but thought you could not afford it, you can...just save...plan in advance...and of course get a credit card and pay for it later. If you have any questions on where to go and what to do just drop me a line and I'll try to help. Email me at rmranch