Evening Thunder Storm Waking with a start, On a quiet Spring evening. Thunder rumbling in the distance, Getting louder with every boom. Long slow rumbles, Travel across the sky. Several loud bursts, Quick and short. A bright flash, A sharp crack, The smell of ozone. Thunder rumbling in the distance, Getting quieter with every boom. Sleep slowly creeps back, On a quiet Spring evening.
West Texas. West Texas Mid July Burning hot Searing dry. Yellow sun Blue sky Brown grass Ranchers cry. Lightning, thunder Black cloud Refreshing wind Prayers aloud. Cooling rain Short respite Mercury drops Ranchers delight.
Summer Heat Last days of August Two months, no rain. Hot winds blow dust Life becoming a strain. Grass has turned brown No flowers in sight. Tree limbs hang down No breeze at night. Lakes begin to run dry Animals to tired to run. Farmers to exhausted to cry Living is not much fun. Remember once we had a freeze And once we had some rain. Today is another hundred degrees Please, one storm to relieve the pain.
September Moon Early evening, the sun has set. Rising from the east A large, full red moon In a perfect cloudless sky. Slowly the reds begin to fade To a brilliant yellow. Rising overhead, blocking out all but the brightest stars. Throughout the night Traveling across the unbroken sky On an endless journey Around the earth. Morning sun catches the moon Setting it ablaze with reds As it silently slips beyond The far horizon.

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