Whist! Me Lanty
(An Irish Sleep Song)

Where are ye goin' me brave gossoon?  (Whist! me baby Lanty!)
Off with the pixies to find the moon?  (Whist! me Lanty boy!)
High up on a tree where the grass is blue,
Since ever yer mother was born, it grew;
An' long it is waitin', me Lanty for you.

When on the mornin', me brave gossoon.  (Whist! me baby Lanty!)
I'll look in the sky an' I'll see no moon,  (Whist! me Lanty boy!)
I'll know that me Lanty has clim'd the tree,
An' given a brave little shake, d'ye see?
An' he's bringin' the moon in his pocket for me.

(Whist! me Lanty Boy!)  Ho low! Heigh o! Lanty Lad! When will ye start, me Lanty?
Ho low! Heigh o! Lanty Lad! Pulse o' me heart, me Lanty.